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GPS-Routes and Tracks

Bag measuring your tracks with your bicycle or by foot. Just run and enter your track later comfortably over the route editor or upload it from your own GPS-unit (Garmin or other). The 1-2-sports route planner will bring order into your different types of routes whether you want to go run, cycle, swim, hiking or any other. Get out of the same routine and discover new routes in your city or check ahead the different possibilities at your vacation spot.

Trace your route or upload a track

All you have to do is click with the mouse on your route’s waypoints on the map. The exact distance and the elevation profile will be calculated for you. If you have recorded a track with your GPS device, you can upload it easily. 1-2-sports supports the most common formats, such as tcx, gpx und crs.

On top of that you can add all the important features that describe your route:

  • For what type of sports is the route useful?
  • Is it a competition track?
  • Does the route have some scenic or other special features?
  • Evaluate the route with stars for the different aspects such as difficulty, fun factor, endurance and technical aspects so that other athletes can quickly get their bearings on the route.
  • Add some pictures to your tracks.

Track Overview

You will be positively surprised how quickly the amount of tracks in your portfolio will grow. The track overview that 1-2-sports provides will show you at any given time how often and when last you were out there. It shows your fastest time and the average time of each track.

The cool thing is that you can also copy your friends’ tracks into your portfolio after you’ve trained together. You can also select tracks out of our archive for instance to plan your training sessions for your next vacation ahead of time.

Track Editor

With our 1-2-sports track editor you will find it simple to draw up your route. We will turn your data into exact GPS data. That way you will get the length and the elevation profile with your tracks!

In a very practical way you can use the track editor as a route planning tool, if you want to set your track ahead of time.

Track Details

We will show you the important data to the tracks which interest you: track characteristics, elevation profile, the level of difficulty and basic information such as length, turning points, soil conditions, travel information and much more. And what’s best, you can add photos to your tracks.

Does that sound good to you? Then load up the route onto your GPS device (Garmin or other) 1-2-sports exports the formats gpx, tcx und kml.

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Track characteristics

Distance 24.3 km
Elevation 736 m
Max. altitude 404 m
Min. altitude 264 m
Waypoints 0
GPS-interpolation points 529

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