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 Dear 1-2-sports members

After nearly 4 weeks is back again alive and kicking. Unfortunately our server crash has caused the unrecoverable loss of he following data:

All tracks entered after December 13, 2013
All trainings entered after January 6, 2014
All photos uploaded after January 6, 2014

Don’t worry about the fact that many photos don’t display at the moment. They will reappear during the next days.

In compensation of our offline period we will attribute 2 months extra premium membership to all our premium members. All other active userss will receive one month flat rate for free.

In the future all information pertaining to will be published on our facebook page, open to everybody including non facebook users.

We wish to thank our developers Roland and Ronald and our new Internet provider who has provided us a new server and helped us with every technical problem during the last weeks.

Have a sporty day