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Merry Xmas by the 1-2-sports team

… and one goodie or two?

Dear 1-2-sports friends!

When we started developing the portal in 2006, we followed the vision of creating a useful tool, motivating to work and entertaining at the same time. We have tried a whole bunch of features, some of them have found a lot of amateurs, some less. Thus, 1-2-sports has changed quite a lot during the last two years.

We certainly have hoped growing much faster. However, or maybe due to this, our members stick to 1-2-sports. The most of you use the portal about every second day – a sensational value.

One of your favourite features is the guestbook on MyProfile and the challenges. What we really appreciate is the friendly communication on our portal. It is a whole lot of fun reading the motivating, sometimes sheltering comments! Sometimes browsing the site is a nice change from working.
Another issue are the meetings of members at sports events – this is more than we hoped to see.

We have a lot of projects for the next year. One of the most important issues is a bulletin board, al lot of members have asked for. Good news first: We will do as you want. In January we will continue the development of a bulletin board, often postponed, and we hope we will be able to launch it by February – anyway Markus has given it’s development top priority.

Roland will do some major work on the challenges. How cool would it be to offer challenges where teams can compete.

Further more Roland will port training input to mobile devices to start with we will soon release apps for the iPhone and the iPod.

A last Christmas present from 1-2-sports: Until New Years eve all the premium features will be free for everyone.

We wish you and your families another happy 11 days of Christmas and a very happy, sporty injury free, healthy and wealthy New Year 2010…

Andreas Lindenberg
           and his team
Markus Barthel (Java and Database)
Roland Haala (Frontend)
Ronald Müller (Java, Challenges)
Manuel Storz (Design and Frontend)
Marion de Gorter (Translation and Helpdesk France)
Barbara Hachmann (Helpdesk Germany)
Gunther Greb (Server Administration)
Ulf A. Fischbeck - who doesn’t stop criticizing this site according to the nike slogan: “You don’t train to be second best!” ... ;-)