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Press-Home Whats new Update May 6, 2009

Update May 6, 2009

Cool new features to start up the month of May

Event photo albums

We have added a photo album to each event. All members may post photos with comments to any event. It’s a great way to establish an historic document of an event you will always remember. And who knows, maybe you will identify yourself on one of the photos of another participant.
If any of the albums is modified since your last login, a message will be displayed on your start up page.

Crosstraining enhanced with distance recording

From now on it is possible to record the distances for crosstrainer workouts.

Purchase miles with PayPal

Miles used for activating the Premium Features may be paid comfortably via PayPal.

Workouts in GPX Format

In addition to the TCX and HRM formats, GPX workout data are supported. This format is dsiplayed as additional option to workout creation.

Enhanced start-up page

After login you will get more relevant information. See new postings to events or challenges you joined. The order of the information is changed, latest news show up on top.
Did you know, that we check 15 different sources when you login to

IE 8.0 compatibility issues

We have thoroughly solved all known problems of our site with the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.

Already known problems fixed

At this point we wish to thank all users for posting problems with our site. There are problems we don’t notice even with meticulous testing. Therefore we need your help. For instance the “Go to my position” function of the challenges did not work for a moment.