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Update on Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Informations about changes and new features

MyProfile goes public

If you want, you can disclose your profile to external users. Thus, your profile is not only visible to members but to other acquaintances and friends as well. You can even show your training details to the world. Show the web your sports performance ;-)

NOTE: Friends lists are not disclosed to the public.

Enhanced workout records

Our ambitious coding force has thoroughly improved recording of workout data. For example swimmers can specify the workout location (e.g. open water, sea, pool or with the help of a counter-current-system) the nature of the workout (interval, endurance, relay).
The same applies for the other distance sports.

Best times of all distance sports

From now on you can view the best times of all distance sports under “Community/ Best Times” not only your own disciplines.

Introducing the discipline cross trainer

Due to the important demand, we have integrated cross trainer as a separate discipline. You can even post challenges in this discipline based on the criteria calorie consumption and workout frequency.

Challenges for non distance sports

Some tome ago we have introduced challenge for non distance sports based on the criteria calorie consumption and workout frequency.

Members may alter event information

Existing events may be modified by premium members.

Sportlets ordered by country

For usability reasons we will order links to external URLs using our Sportlets by language. Furthermore we want to encourage our French and English friends to indicate web sites using our Sportlets.