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Update on Friday, July 4th, 2008

During next Friday we will deploy our next update, which may cause minor troubles of our services.

Besides some improvements and patches we will release the following new features:

1.) Finally you can upload the training data of your Garmin Forerunner as TCX-files.

2.) The manual training input will be enhanced with the following functions:
  • Missing interims times will be computed upon the interims times before and after.
  • The limit of 20 laps has been suppressed (but not the overall limit of the training distance though).
  • Assignment of trainings to an event is more convenient from now on.
  • We offer the main standard distances for cycling and swimming such as 25m, 50m or different velodrome tracks.

3.) We have patched two problems pertaining to the new (and obviously very popular) Firefox Version 3.0 pertaining to uploading tracks profile settings.

4.) We have put hands on the content and layout of our sports statistics.

5.) Single events being part of a major event (swimming as part of a duathlon for instance) can be removed if they have been entered by mistake.