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How do I have my training counted for a challenge?

 Each training is automatically checked against all challenges you accepted and accounted if necessary

How do I send an invitation to Challenge someone?

 You may invite other athletes to a challenge you already accepted. Go to the profile of the person you want to challenge and use the “Invite to Challenge” item in the yellow Action window on the upper left.
Challenging friends is even simpler. Open the “friends” window in your contact list and click the yellow Action-button near the photo of your friend.

How do you compute the trend indicators?

 The trend indicators next to the participants are reset to horizontal each day at 00:00 hrs. An ascending or descending indicator shows the ranking variation compared to the last day.

May I join a challenge already started?

 You may join a challenge at any time as long as the “join” option on the challenge’s detail page is active. When joining a challenge all your trainings complying with that challenge are taken into account, even past trainings may be accounted.

Some challenges display an arrow next to the positions others do not.

 Challenges where you have only a defined goal to achieve and where the score of the participants doesn’t matter display no trend indicator.

What is the challenge sort order?

Challenges where the goal is least time are sorted in ascending order. Those where the goal is the longest distance are sorted in descending order.
But there are also more general challenges, just requiring a certain goal to be achieved for example “Who trains at least 10 times a month?” or “Who does at least 5 hrs. training per week?”. In this case the ranking of all participants follows the “first in first serve” principle: The participant who first achieves the goal is on top. Once a participant has achieved the goal, his position is “freeze” (yellow highlighted) and will not change no matter of the actual training volume.
The ranking indicates the order of goal achievement.