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How do I accept a friendship?

Either you go to the profile of the person who asked you to become a friend, or to your contact list. In the profile click “Accept friendship” in the yellow Action window in the upper left. You may as well become friends by clicking the yellow Action-button near the profile photo in the contact list.

How do I define my favorite picture?

 The menu item Start / Pictures shows your personal gallery. Below each photo there is an asterisk. If you click it, the selected picture is displayed in the “selected favorite picture” frame on your profile.

How do I initiate a friendship?

 Go to the desired profile. Use “Initiate a friendship” in the yellow Action Window in the upper left to invite someone to become your friend. The member receives a message with your invitation and in addition to that your name is displayed in the other person’s contact list and is highlighted as friendship on hold.

How do you compute the activity index?

The activity index indicates the use of Different activities get different scores, which are deleted after a certain period of time. This way the activity index varies.
Scores are attributed for creating trainings, uploading pictures, creating tracks, accepting challenges, guestbook entries etc.
The activity index is updated every day at 00:00 hrs.

How do you compute the fitness index?

 The fitness index indicates your physical activity. It is computed based on your average weekly training activity over the last four weeks. For each completed 30 minutes workout, the index increases by 10%. Someone training 5 hrs/ week for four weeks gets a fitness index of 100%.
The fitness index is updated every day at 00:00 hrs.

What are friends?

 If two people agree to become friends, they can directly compare their trainings from their diary or their summaries under My Sports. Both can view one another’s complete training history.