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How do I cancel my registration?

Please use the contact form to cancel your registration. You need to be logged in to make sure you really are the sender of the cancellation.
In this case, irrevocably deletes your complete profile including, trainings, pictures, and ratings of other member’s pages. We only keep your public tracks, comments and guestbook entries. All messages you sent will be deleted from the corresponding recipients’ inboxes.

How do I change my e-mail?

Please use the contact form and send us your new e-mail address. We will send you an activation code to the new address, just like in the registration process. After entering the activation code we will ask for your password for authentication.

How do I change my name?

In case you have misspelled your name during registration, please use the contact form to let us know your correct name. We will immediately have your name changed.

Which of my personal data are visible to other members? distinguishes between friends and other members. Friends may see all of your work-out data and compare their performance with yours. Other members only see your last 5 trainings on your profile. Nobody, not even your friends, can see your address, birthday, e-mail, weight or mileage.

Who knows my password? protects your privacy: No collaborator of will ever ask for your password. Our staff can not even access your password form our database, because it is stored in encrypted form. If you forget your password, you can only get a new one by clicking “I forgot my password” in the login screen.

Why do you display my real name?

We believe a lot of features on are motivating and inspiring only when people reveal who they really are. Particularly competitions don’t mean anything if you don’t know your competitors. A guestbook entry without an author is not worth the web space and organizing teams (work in progress) is only possible with real people.
Luckily, misuse of our service is very insignificant: As a matter of fact, people publishing their real names along with their pictures are just more trustworthy.
A number of pages on our site are open to the public. On these pages only displays first names. Neither non-registered users nor search engines can access your full name.