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October: 1-2-sports flat rate marathon...

Many Thx for your support of our flat rate marathon recently started.

Actually we are working on some major improvements and enhancements of the site. That’s the main reason we try to motivate you to become premium members.

As a further incentive premium members can earn cash worthy 1-2-miles by promoting 1-2-sports.com.

Here are the rules (valid only for premium members):
Any new member registered upon your recommendation will be tagged as “recommended by <your user id>”. Whenever a tagged member subscribes to a flat rate, his sponsor will get 10% of the amount paid in cash (1-2-miles paying is not taken into account) credit in 1-2-miles to her mileage account.
With 10 new flat rates by “your” members you can get a one year subscription and that’s the best, renewals count as well. It’s that easy we get cash you get cash ;-)

Current projects:
  1. We have adapted our app to iPhone 5 and we are working in the multi tasking abilities – sorry for doing it only now.
  2. We are working on porting our app to Android.
  3. facebook integration will be enhanced so that any member can easily post anything from inside 1-2-sports.
  4. We believe our navigation has become somehow “old fashioned” – we will shift it to actual standards ^^
  5. More projects will be published here… be patient.

Just help us boost 1-2-sports by subscribing to a flat rate now!

There is another issue:
We want to offer you the most attractive offers in the filed of sports, sports travel, training and more. Therefore we are seeking for cooperation partners who provide interesting goods or services. If you run or manage such a company feel free to contact us.

And now: out in the fields to workout and to enjoy the last sunny days ;-) (for those on the northern hemisphere)

Sporting regards
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