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Multi-discipline challenges enhanced

Update of Feb. 2nd, 2010

Enhanced workout evaluation of multi-discipline challenges

We have updated multi-discipline challenges requiring a defined sequence with an important feature. The author of a challenge may define upon publishing that workout cumulation to meet the specified target of a single discipline is not allowed. A workout in the required discipline will only be accepted if the required distance is met. Excess mileage is dropped.

For example the required target of a discipline is 15 miles and you cover only 13 miles, this workout will not count for the current challenge. If you cover 17 miles an interim time at 15 miles (if any) counts. If no interim time is taken this time will be computed based upon the average of the whole workout.

Authors of these challenges should consider specifying only realistic distances. A 50 miles distance will most certainly be an impossible gap.

We believe it being useful to alter some of the already running challenges. We invite the authors of such challenges to contact us, if they wish to have their challenges altered and computed with the new feature. (Please don’t forget to include the link to the challenge.)

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