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Currency reform (1-2-sports miles go decimal), cool new features and patches

Update as of October 14, 2009-10-14

Currency reform – 1-2-sports miles go decimal

As a result of long distance discussions we have decided to come up with aligning our miles model to your understanding. From now on 1 mile = 10 Eurocent (1 ct).

This “currency reform” will result in a value increase of 1-2-sports miles (you will get half the miles, but they will be worth the double, compared to our last pricing model). On the other hand we have adapted our pricing to an extent, that you, dear 1-2-sports members, will get more for your miles.

If you buy one of our cool T-shirts now, we will pay the freight – purchase one now!

6 months and 3 months subscriptions

If you want to try out our premium packages, you can subscribe to an all inclusive flat rate for 3 or 6 months.

New Features

  • The training diary highlights your event based workouts with a laurel icon. Place your mouse on the icon to show the event details.
  • We have added some more sports such as Turbo Jam, Roller Skiing, Canyoning, Tchoukball and Kart racing.
  • You can add tracks to your rowing and snowshoeing workouts.
  • Workouts classified as interval training will not be considered in our champions listing anymore in order to deliver more realistic results.


Our latest update introduced for direct linking from an event to your workout entry, with the event data as basic input. Unfortunately this automatism came up with some errors. Thanks to your helpdesk requests we have fixed it.

U don’t work out to be #2 – 1-2-sports is coding to be ur #1 sports community!
Keep on training!

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