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1-2-sports Design reloaded and Multiple Contest Challenges

Update by October 6, 2009

Note: We apologize for any inconveniences which may occur due to a major update released on Tuesday.

Multiple Contest Challenges

Since their very first release our challenges are one of 1-2-sports’ core functions. Challenges are popular, motivating and fun.

1-2-sports.com is proud to introduce a new category: Multiple contest challenges. These challenges allow the combination of different disciplines into one challenge – finally, you can launch a triathlon or duathlon challenge.

These new challenges provide for a combination of different endurance sports. Create your own multiple contest challenge for instance nordic-walking, hiking, cross country skiing or running, cycling, inline-skating and swimming with a different distance for each discipline. Furthermore, you can determine whether the contests have to be performed in sequential order or at random.

As we at 1-2-sports have a heart for the less ambitious, not only the fastest speed counts. It is possible to win a challenge by simply covering the required distance first.

1-2-sports Design reloaded

We have completely changed the design of our public pages. The former design had its origins way back in the past and did not consider all the changes in the meantime. We hope that our new design attracts more users and provides them with better information on 1-2-sports.com.

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