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1-2-sports.com displays quicker than ever

Update of 30/06/2009

Major performance boost to our system

Just in time to start our Berlin marathon training we have worked out a little on our database to make it run faster. The most sections of 1-2-sports.com load way quicker than before. Check out the following pages:
  • My Sports
  • My Sports - Diary
  • My Sports - Stats
  • My Sports - My Tracks
  • Friends list
  • My Profile
  • Workout details
  • Hall of Fame - Streaks
  • Saving a workout
  • Community - Photos
 These two pages still need a little more motivation ;-)
  • Community (Optimization was successful on July 2nd)
  • Community - Workouts
We believe these measures will improve our site's fun factor and make you enjoy working out with 1-2-sports.com even more. We wish all our users a nice and sunny summer... keep on running.

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