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Update on April 21st, 2009

Numerous new features and fixes

1-2-sports.com supports Polar

We did it. Finally you can upload workout data from all current Polar training computers. The .HRM files can be uploaded and edited.

After uploading the files, the workouts are displayed in a list. You can either save the workouts as is or edit them in the workout editing screen if you wish to add a track or other information.

Accuracy of workout times improved

In the past, workout times have been displayed with an accuracy of 1 second. With respect to the swimmers and sprinters, recording very accurate results, the times will be displayed up to the 1/10th of a second.

Integrate challenges in your homepage, blog or any other web page

Each challenge detail page, displays the HTML-code snippet in the upper right corner, in order to integrate the challenge on an external web page.

The Hall of Fame shows the longest running streaks

As an hommage to the streak runners in the community: The longest integral streaks will be displayed in "Ranking" under “Community”.

Awards may be removed from the awards display

Awards and cups may be removed from the display. Just click on the award to show its details. Clicking on the waste bin in the upper right, removes the award from the display indefinitely.

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