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Information concerning our update on November 20, 2008

Our Premium Sport Package is live!

Today we released a major update containing numerous improvements and a lot of cool new features:

(1) Premium Sport Package

This package includes features extending your sports performance evaluation:

  • Equipment Log: Record your equipment and keep a log of how often it’s used: Which shoes have been used, which bike did you ride?
  • Track Statistics: Evaluation of personal track best times and average times for all tracks.
  • Best Times: Comparison of the annual best times with those of the previous two years in a clear table.
  • Training Overview: Displays the training of the last 12 months in a clear table.
  • Performance Overview: Set up of the start date for the personal performances under “My Sports”.

The sport package costs 40 miles per month.

(2) We have added new sports

You wanted it, you got it: The bicycle ergometer/ bike on rollers discipline is online. Finally the “homies” among you may record their workouts without conflicting with the road cyclists.

What’s more, you have convinced us, that cross country running should be introduced as separate discipline.

And finally we have added three disabled sports:

Wheelchair basketball, wheelchair badminton and wheelchair athletics.

Furthermore we have added several sports, not requiring distance recording. For all these sports you can keep an equipment log as well (example: which snowboard did you use for last years world cup ;-)

(3) Flatrate

The attractive cost saving one year subscription of all three premium packages.

  • Package : Backtracking of all users on MyProfile
  • Package : Community Premium Package
  • Package : Sport Premium Package
Subscribing to the flatrate entitles the user to 12 month unlimited use of all three packages. Already active subscriptions will be terminated before activating the flatrate, which will extend the active period automatically.

You can still continue collecting miles by recruiting new members though. You can use your miles as currency in our online shop.

(4) New sports profile

The sports profile under “My Sports” has been completely revised.

(5) Challenges consider interim times

 Challenges with the goal to be the fastest over a certain distance finally consider interim times. Example: If you join a challenge where the fastest over 7.5 km wins, your time off a 10 km run is taken into account, provided that you record your interim time over 7.5 km.

Challenges where the goal is to cover the greatest distance within a specified time now consider workouts which are longer than the specified time to compute the distance covered.

Since the beginning of November we have released the following great new features:

(6) Market place

Whether you want to sell your equipment, look for a training mate, post an event, or seek spare parts for your bike, our market place is ready for your posting.

(8) Credit cards are accepted

Miles can be purchased with a credit card now.
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