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What's up in August?

By the beginning of August we will release some important community enhancements.

At the moment we are working hard on our next major update, which we plan to launch in the second week of August. This update includes several features for more fun in the community. A subscription to this package costs 40 miles per month.

The update includes:

1.) Public chat rooms on different subjects in several languages. You can see who is online. Once you enter a chat room you can see who is already there and read all the chat history of the last ten minutes.

2.) You can publish up to 5 links on your profile with a short comment. Thus you can publish links to your own homepage, your blog, your company or a youtube video, etc.

3.) You can add up to three stickers on your profile.

4.) You can add an “out-of-the-community” message, telling friends and visitors why you won’t be training, for instance if you are on holiday or the like.

5.) You can add up to 20 people to the same message instead of three.

6.) This package is available to premium members only.

The premium package will be enhanced continuously.

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