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Update on Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Next Wednesday we will release some new features described here below:

1.) There will be a bulletin board to each event. All participants in an event will see the forum status displayed on their start page. Thus it will be much easier to exchange information about the event and to make appointments, for example for these wonderful 1-2-sports.com photo shootings ;-)

2.) Rereleased, because you want it: It will be possible to override the distance when assigning a track to a training. This makes sense when using a track and adding an extra mile or taking a shortcut. (In this case you may not want to create a new track).

3.) The latest 1-2-sports.com News will be displayed on your start page.

4.) The start page will display whether friends have registered for an event.

5.) All events you registered for will be displayed on the My Sports overview.

6.) Training details have been enhanced and show your comments to a training.

The following errors, occurring when uploading tcx-files, have been patched:

1.) Start time will be recorded as CET.

2.) Your weight will be taken from your profile if it is not supplied by the Garmin Forerunner.

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