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Update Tuesday July 7, 2008

As of today we have released some minor changes as well as some current patches.

The following improvements and enhancements are available by now:

1.) The training editor allows for input of interim times as lap times. This means the interval between to consecutive interim times. Until now interim times had to be input as absolute interim times (from the start).

2.) The member list under “Community” shows the number of the future competitions the member will participate in.

3.) Editing uploaded trainings from the Garmin Forerunner has been simplified. Imported trainings are neatly displayed in a table on the first page of the training editor. They may be edited, saved or removed.

4.) The sweepstakes show the last five winners and not only the current winner.

The following errors have been patched:

1.) The URL of the banner ad (Service/ Sportlets) did’nt lead to the right language.

2.) The trainings table wasn’t displayed correctly under IE 7.

3.) Interim times aren’t computed automatically but only upon request (Tab “times” in the training editor).

4.) French names of tracks or events with special characters have caused errors when deleting tracks or entering trainings.

5.) The own track list is visible again on your own profile if you want it.

6.) Joining and quitting events was impossible over the weekend due to an “invisible” dialogue box. We apologize for this. But as you may know, it’s a drag searching invisible items ;-)
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