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Update Wednesday, 28. May 2008

This Wednesday morning we will deploy our next update. We apologize for any inconveniences or service disturbances this may cause.

Besides numerous details and bug fixing, the following essential functions are new or have been improved:

1.) Training input and editing have been completely revised. Selection of tracks and editing of elevation is much user friendly now. In spite of that, elevation can still be entered manually from now on. The distinction between basic mode and expert mode has been supressed.

At first sight, the new training editing module looks similar to the old one. But we significantly enhanced browser compatibility. Thus, creating input modules for different sports will be much more convenient.

2.) We want to thank our members for recommending 1-2-sports.com to this extent. We have conceived an interesting sweepstakes, where every successful recommendation automatically earns a chance to win. Multiple recruiting increases your chances of winning.

You can see the success of your different “campaigns” in a table:

· Personal e-mails,

· Our great stickers with new URL,

· Cool banners for your homepage

Stickers and banner ads have a personalized referrer in their URL to assign successful registrations (Old stickers have to be replaced for our sweepstakes).
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