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Training Log

The best way for continual improvement of your performance is the overview and planning of training sessions. With our training log you precisely document and evaluate your workouts.

Training Log

  • Which track did I run when, in what time/pace and with which pulse?
  • How did I like the bike route last summer?
  • Do I lose weight by running or will sauna do?
  • How many miles did I run in my Nike Air XYZ?
  • How many elevation meters does my home route have?

The Professional’s Training Log – now for all of you

The 1-2-sports training log was developed with similarity to the training data used by professional athletes. In fact most of our members have achieved or come closer to their goal because they have used our training log.

Training Profile

Performance monitoring up to professional standards for your health and your own personal ambition. We offer different modules to collect training data for over 200 different sports. It was never so easy to keep a record of your sport achievements.

Choose your sport and call up the input or simply upload your training data for many types of sports directly from your own training computer. 1-2-sports supports sports computers such as Garmin, Nike + iPod and Polar.

Enter Workout

Just add date and duration of your workout to your selected sport – your training record is complete.

But since this is a rather general approach, workputs for endurance sports like running, inline skating, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, walking and ski touring can be more specifically described by different parameters.

  • Enter the distance or choose one of your tracks.
  • Select an event (if any)?
  • Enter the elevation or use it from the track record?
  • Enter interim times?
  • What type of workout did you do – slow, fast, interval or basic conditioning…?
  • Enter your weight before and after.
  • Enter your heart rate peak and average.
  • How did you feel?
  • What type of weather did you have? (What was the resistance on the ergo meter?)
  • Which equipment did you use? Adidas indoor, no name MP3, energy bar,…

In case you have used a sports computer or a pulse watch such as Garmin, Nike + iPod or Polar you can upload your workout driectly.

Endurance Sports Module

The endurance sports module offers enhanced training input facilities. You can add the route you used or the event that you have participated in. (Berlin marathon, the 5 miles run of Brighton, the Wasa Ski-Marathon …).

You can enter interim times, the type of workput (easy going, fast, endurance run, interval training, cycle touring, burning calories …) as well as your physical data (average pulse, peak pulse, weight before and after, your well being).

Select your training partner out of your 1-2-sports friends and the training environment (city, countryside, forest, fields, pool …), the weather and of course your equipment: shoes, pulse watch, sunglasses.

And by the way you can also enter the calories you have burned up, but actually we will do that automatically. We will show you your success.

Training Evaluation and Comparison

We have promised it to you: You have improved. With many different stats, graphics, overviews and spreadsheets we show you how well you did.

It is true that running and using the cross trainer at home will help to lose weight, Sudoku does not cut it.

We place a high emphasis on offering you an outstanding training evaluation. In close cooperation with pour users we will keep on working to improve the evaluation in order to remain top.

Workout Evaluation

As you can see from the graphic chart that we provide, your workout does have a direct effect on your calorie consumption, weight, achievement improvement and wellbeing. You can see the evaluation according to different criteria: Type of sport, timeframe, pace and you will see:

Since you have signed up with 1-2-sports it is more fun to work out and you do it with a lot more enthusiasm.

Training Comparison

You want to compare yourself with others? Hey, just add some of your 1-2-sports friends to your evaluation and you will see who works out harder.

Training Diary

The schedule will show you clearly what you have achieved. You can browse through in the weekly or monthly overview throughout this year or the past years to look at your workouts and to edit them.

The training schedule isn’t stronger than your lazy bone, but it helps tremendously.

You can look in your schedule at the training sessions of your friends and find out who is working the hardest.

Trainings Comparison

Curious about your friend’s training? Simply add them to your calendar. Below you will see a chart that shows your weekly and monthly achievements and that of your friends.

Route Management

Bag measuring your routes with your bike or by foot. Just run wherever you want and enter the track afterwards comfortably over the track editor or upload it from your own GPS -unit (Garmin or other).

More about GPS routes

Equipment Management

Do you want to know how many miles you have run with your sneakers, what distance you have covered on which bicycle or how many hours you have tortured your ergometer?

For every workout you can assign your equipment and we will keep a record by the minute of how long you have used it.

Personal Data

This data is the key to performance monitoring.

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Heart rate at rest

This absolutely private information is the foundation of measurement for computing, for example your calorie usage. Some workaholics have started here with a weight of X+ and a pulse at rest of 80 and after awhile totally cool and relaxed: pulse of 40, springy gate.

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Date Wednesday, 27/05/2020
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Duration 0:20:54
Distance 5.59 km
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Elevation 54 m
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