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  • Recording trainings via GPS or manually
  • Automatic track recording
  • Training with routes: Route and current position display GPS
  • Comprehensive maps (OpenStreetMap) including not only roads but bicycle routes, hiking trails and foot paths
  • Can be used with or without membership
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  • GPS tracking of your workouts.
  • Live-tracking: Your friends can follow you live on the website (position, speed, pace, lap times, distance – turn it off, if you wish.)
  • Training on one of your routes.
  • Manual workout editing.
  • Distance markers (flags on the route – kilometers/ miles)
  • Interim times recording (individual lap settings)
  • Display of important training data: Lap, pace, speed, time, distance, calorie consumption and averages
  • Clear display of all your tracks and trainings
  • Supports portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) display
  • Optional display sleep mode (energy saving)
  • Workout pause (to make a phone call or the like)

Automatic training and track sync for 1-2-sports members. offers the comprehensive training evaluation features on the market: Training log, monthly evaluation, track records (best times, average time etc.). 1-2-sports member’s challenges are a cool motivational input. The event calendar helps you planning your sports activities.

The 1-2-sports app carries all your trainings and tracks on your iPhone. The ideal training companion for your favorite sports:
running, cycling, mountain biking, inline skating, nordic walking, hiking, horse riding, motor boat, yachting, sailing, motor biking, rowing, skike, wheelbiking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing and more.

Information on the iPhone app

Operating instructions

The following 5 items are important for using the app:

  • The app can be used with or without membership
  • At the moment the app provides the following features

    • GPS controlled training recording
    • LiveTracking - Let your friends watch your workout
    • Manual training editing
    • Training list with detail view for all trainings
    • Track list with detail view
  • Synchrionization with

    There are two sync variants:

    • Auto sync (default)
    • Manual sync (can be activated in the setup)

Auto sync automatically uploads all changes on the iPhone directly to the site. Changes on the site will be recognized by the app and downloaded to the iPhone. During sync all changes of routes and trainings on the site will be loaded on the iPhone and vice versa.
Be careful! Deleting a training or a route on the iPhone will delete it’s copy on the site with the next sync and vice versa (with auto sync activated this will be done immediately). This is very important for the sports list. When deleting a sport, all trainings pertaining to this sport are deleted definitely. We have provided a security advice prior to deletion. This procedure can not be revoked. With manual sync, the changes on the iPhone or the site are only synchronized by selecting “Sync” in the upper right on the app’s start screen.

  • The display is lit during workout

    The display is lit permanently during the trainings. As this is rather energy consuming, you should terminate your marathon within 3 hrs. If you wish you can toggle the display on/off with the switch on the edge of the iPhone (just touch it). However, the training is recorded even with the display in sleep mode.

  • Incoming calls during workouts – no multitasking

    If you answer the phone during a training, the app stops and saves the current raining. Restarting the app after the call will resume the training. Just touch “Start” once.
    The app does not support multitasking and thus does not run in the background.
iPhone screen shot: Training with route
Training with route, portrait mode
Detailed view of route
Detailed view of a route


The image shows the start screen. The number of trainings and routes on the iPhone are displayed. Moreover the total performance of the current month is displayed as well as date/time of the last sync.

Recording a training: Manual training recording

Recording a training When using a new track not saved on the site yet, select this option. Once the training is finished, the track is automatically generated with the GPS for later use.

Training with route: When using a route recorded before, select this option (we believe this is being the standard)- The track ahead is displayed in blue, the track behind is displayed in yellow. The current position is indicated by a red dot.
After terminating the workout you can optionally release the training from the track when the training differs more than 1% from the route. With the new GPS data you can create a new track.
If you don’t release the training its distance will be set equal to the selected route.

In the setup you can register a new account or use an existing membership ("I already have an account”). In this case all your favorite sports and your gender are downloaded to your iPhone app.

Start screen
Start screen

Carrying the iPhone

There are various bicycle fittings to be mounted on the handle bar. For cycling the vertical display is recommended.

I am a runner myself and I have used a wrist bag which is rather comfortable. The photo shows that I have used horizontal display for running.
I see all the relevant information when running unless there is too much sunshine. Unfortunately the cover of the wrist bag is reflecting somehow. But in the woods or with less sunshine it’s pretty convenient. The lit display is great.

iPhone in horizontal mode in a wrist bag
Wrist bag

Meaning of the traing information displayed

At the moment the app shows two screens with four different data during workout. Ø means average. Lap means turn or interval (for ex. 1 mile/ 1,000 meters)

  • Speed Ø: Average speed of the training in km/h
  • Pace Ø: Average pace of the training in min/km
  • Calories: Current calorie consumption based on average speed
  • Remaining Distance: Remaining distance in meters when training with a rout
  • Lap Speed: Current lap speed in km/h
  • Lap Pace: Current lap pace in min/km
  • Lap Time: Time of the current lap
  • Last Lap Pace: Pace of the last complete lap. If you compare this value to the current pace you can check whether you have sped up or slowed down.
Screen shot of the iPhone app, showing 4 information in training mode.
Data fields Set 1
Screen Shot of the iPhone app, showing 4 information in training mode.
Data fields Set 2
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