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Latest Questions and Answers

What’s next on

The major part of mails coming in, are questions pertaining to future features. When will you release a certain function, when will you open a forum… and the like. And we get a lot of suggestions for improvement of existing features.

We want to give you a little insight to our workshop and let you know which great modules will be released in fall and winter.

The highest priority at the moment:

1. We will completely rework the evaluation of best times and extend the functionality to include more sports if they fit in our concept.

The best times computing is actually the major reason for the delay when saving workouts when the number of workouts exceed a certain amount. In the future it will be possible to display the workout when the best time was achieved.

2. Our online shop

In our shop we will offer several t-shirts and the shop will be continuously enhanced with other attractive products.

3. We will introduce PayPal and credit cards as payment methods for purchasing miles.

4. It will be possible for members to change their e-mail address.

5. Set up of a default sport under “My Sports”

Each of us has her favourite sport. Soon you will be able to set up the default sport displayed on “My Sport”. Moreover this sport will be highlighted on your profile.

Other high priority projects are:

1. Enhancement of our Community Package M II
Our members will get a bulletin board to post offers or searches on the portal such as sales of used gear, searches for a training mate, or travel companion.

2. A set of tools, provided as a Sports Package
  • Download of tracks in GPX-format
  • Sports gear management and workouts paired to the equipment used (you got it! It will be possible to assign your running shoes to workouts to know how much the shoes have already run.)
  • Enhancement of the tables under ”My Sport” for better workout evaluation:
  • You will be able to set up the start date of your own “sporting” year in “My Sport”
  • You will be able to enter training plans with a reminder function

3. Upload of Polar training computer data

4. Enhancement of the elevation profiles

At the moment the elevation profiles are computed based on square tiles with 90 m edges, dividing the surface. The problems resulting from this method are described in detail under “Tracks” in the FAQ. As a matter of fact, the current elevation profiles show the specific itinerary of a route/ track pretty well. Due to numerous bumps in the profile often the elevation gain is too high. In the future we will smoothen elevation profiles according to the “Gauss least squares method” by a fairly well approached polynome of a higher degree – with important success.

5. Ergometer cycling will be classified as a separate discipline

We will classify ergometer workouts as individual discipline to stop the unfair equalization of real cycling and ergometer cycling. Thus you will be able to create challenges for each of the disciplines.

6. Assign photos to tracks

It will be possible to assign photos to a track to better document it.

7. Assign tracks to events

It will be possible to assign one or more tracks to events. Thus official competition tracks only need to be traced once and will be available to all participants automatically.

8. Changes in the rating

In the future the rating will be weighted according to the activity index of the member who awards the stars. Thus the rating of newbies or members less frequently online weighs less than the rating of active members. Thereby we will heal two things at a time: The abuse of ratings will be more or less suppressed and the rating of formerly active, but currently passive members, will be weighted lower. The inconvenience of the procedure is, that it’s more time consuming and thus slower. Hence, we will update the Community only once per hour (actually every time the top list is requested).

What else?

1. Optional publishing of “MyProfile” on the public area

At the moment MyProfile cannot be accessed from outside For those who want to “sporthibit” themselves, they can make their profile public. Maybe: Sport exhibitionists can then make their profile public.

2. Continuous improvements of workout recording for different sports

Top priority is triathlon (recording of the individual disciplines) and fitness (recording of workout duration and machines).

3. As always, optimization of computing speed!

4. Display of the age group (optional) on MyProfile

Depending on the acceptance of this feature, there will be new posasibilities for challenges.

5. Recording workouts with mobile phones or SMS

How does 1-2-sports compute the calorie curve and the weight curve?

On the overview under My Sports you find a diagram of your weight variation. This curve tracks one year, ending with the current week.

Calorie curve

This curve consists of 52 breakpoints, one for each week. Calorie consumption is cumulated for one week.

Weight curve

This curve also consists of 52 breakpoints. We compute the average weight of all weight data recorded for this week. This will automatically result in a trend curve. In order not to interrupt your weight curve, you just need to record at least one workout per week and to enter the weight before the workout.

Both curves are drawn when at least two measuring points are available, i. e. when at least two workouts in two different weeks have been recorded. This is the reason the curve is not shown during the first week after your registration lest you have recorded your workouts retroactively.

What is the challenge sort order?

Challenges where the goal is least time are sorted in ascending order. Those where the goal is the longest distance are sorted in descending order.
But there are also more general challenges, just requiring a certain goal to be achieved for example “Who trains at least 10 times a month?” or “Who does at least 5 hrs. training per week?”. In this case the ranking of all participants follows the “first in first serve” principle: The participant who first achieves the goal is on top. Once a participant has achieved the goal, his position is “freeze” (yellow highlighted) and will not change no matter of the actual training volume.
The ranking indicates the order of goal achievement.