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Challenges and Competitions

Sports came about as a result of competition. Previously the drive for movement was purely functional in nature (hunting, fighting). Challenges are the most efficient motivation and, say it as it is, the purpose for doing sports.

Remember: Faster. Tougher. Together.

Challenge organizer online

1-2-sports members measure themselves with challenges. It is not like you would think, hundreds of people starting in a race like you know from a marathon. No, the members participate in the challenge on their own local running track or in their own favorite sport; it all depends on what is called for.

Challenges usually run for a month (some even for a year). That way it gives the participants all the freedom they need in organizing their training sessions.

Although you are not training together you don’t have to miss out on sharing the fun. That’s because we continually update the challenge ranking as soon as someone has entered the data from his last workout. On top of that, a lot of encouraging communication and sharing of experiences goes on in the challenge bulletin board. 

At 1-2-sports you can start up your own creative challenge and invite other athletes to join. Winning isn’t actually the most important thing – participation is everything. What counts is staying motivated over the long run and our challenges are just the right thing for that.

Look at the challenges below:

  • Who is running the most miles in June?
  • Who is out training the most in winter?
  • Who is running the fastest marathon in 2010?
  • Who gains the highest elevation this summer on the mountain bike?
  • Who will walk around Peak District within a year?
  • Who will burn up the calories of a butterball turkey between X-mas and the New Year??

Start your Challenge

Come up with a cool goal for your challenge. Pick the kind of sports and define the goals to be achieved.The hotter the challenge, the more participants it will have. Some of our 1-2-sports challenges have a few hundred participants!

Challenges are motivating in incredible ways and they are a great tool to find like-minded athletes that are at about your level.


Mostly it is all about honor and pride with the challenges and every participant receives an online trophy which will be added to his “dust free” trophy case. But sometimes there will be real awards such as 1-2-sports miles, a T-Shirt or a even a CD with a collection of race music or other…

Another really cool feature is the possibility of embedding your challenge into your own webpage or blog. That way your friends can see what you are up to in your spare time.