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1-2-sports – THE REAL THING in online sports

1-2-sports is the community for active athletes and those that want to become active. Many things can motivate you to start regular workouts, but there is only one reason to quit: those lazybones everyone has inside, more commonly known as a lack of motivation. 1-2-sports is the ultimate web-remedy for failing motivation and has proven to be an effective measure against it.

1-2-sports is training together

Do you work out mostly by yourself? Here you can find other athletes of all ages and levels for your favorite type of sport in your area.

Usually another 1-2-sports member will welcome you shortly after your registration. Don’t underestimate how encouraging it is to get positive feedback from others – for your profile pictures or friendly recognition for your competition registration.

„Hey, awesome 10 mile run.”

„Yes, that’s how it works with losing weight. Keep it up.”

„Cool pictures, especially the one where you swim away from the goldfish …”


1-2-sports athletes have their own homepage with a photo album, training diary, GPS -tracks, equipment, trophy case, event schedule and personal reports, not only about sports – but not likely about a stamp collection.

The coolest pages will be awarded with stars by the other members of the community and they invite you into the guestbook with their greetings.


This is the place where you will find 1-2-sports’ coolest photo album – beginning with the newest additions. Athletes are often good photographers and it is a lot of fun to click around, look at the different pictures and read the comments about the different travel reports.

Hey, which community can say it has a picture of some very rare Blue-footed Booby?

Daily Workouts

The moment of truth: all the reports with one single click.

  • Even in the rain the others went running!
  • Who is the toughest runner of the previous week?
  • Or, who preferred to sweat in the sauna?
  • Did your running mate really run the 10 miles in that chilly weather?


The root of sports is a peaceful power struggle – the competition. Here you will find some rather different kind of challenges that some of our members have initiated.

  • Who is doing the most cross country miles in the month of June?
  • Who does the most workout sessions in winter?
  • Can we run around the world in 80 days together?
  • Who gains the highest elevation with his bicycle this summer?

Most of the time these challenges are about honor and pride but sometimes some of our sponsors put out real cool rewards.

More about challenges

Event Calendar

All the important sport events with one click. The 1-2-sports editorial staff and the members of our community will make sure you are able to find the event that you want to participate in. No more googling. The 1-2-sports event calendar knows most of the events in your area and we provide you with the link, if the event has its own homepage. 1-2-sports connects.

If you don’t find an event which you know about, just add it by yourself.

More about sports events


1-2-sports heroes: men and women who will surprise many. They give their all and the results they achieve are flat out incredible – many will become jealous! Easy overview organized by year, men and women separately, you can find out where your strength lies.

Streak Running

Who is the real though cookie? Day in, day out, running at least a mile, 365 days without a break - in sunshine, rain, storm or snow.

A streak is an uninterrupted series of daily runs of at least 1 mile (1.6 km). Here you can see who is participating and for how long – without a break up until today!